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Hue Transfer

Gizmo to convert an incoming element and bg into HSV color space and swap the hues. You can watch the demo here

Expression Despill

This is just a consolidation of the Despill expressions by Ben McEwans. You can spit out specific expressions in its own expression node.


You can find more usefull tools at Ben's website :

PlateStabilizer v1.0

This gizmo allows to stabilize and then destabilize the plate based on the shot Camera.


Download it from the dropbox folder below.


Nuke panel to scans all the disabled nodes in a script and control their enabling and disabling. 


Download it from the dropbox folder below.


Installation instructions:


- Copy to .nuke directory

- Add " import DisablePanel " to


A very simple multiply node enhancement I wrote to automate range keying using Nuke's multiply node.


Specify the number of frames you want the multiply value to stay at 1 and press the key button. 


You can download the from Nukepedia


A short script to snap the pivot of a TranformGeo node to the selected vertex in 3d space.


Select the vertex and TranformGeo Node > Go to the animation menu > Snap Pivot


Download it from the dropbox download below.


Installation instructions:

Merge the contents and copy the to .nuke directory

BlacksCheck expression

Nuke's expression to check deep blacks . There is a threshold value that can be altered.

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