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Relighting using Switchlight AI

Beeble Switchlight AI studio for relighting and compositing

The goal was to see how far I could push it and use it for extreme relighting and compositing FG into a different environment.

Workflow :

◾ Used stock footage from Pexels. The character is in a studio-lit environment with multiple sources of light. There is also a fair amount of spec and highlights on her, which added more challenge to AI to generate PBR passes.

◾ Using Switchlight AI background removal tool to extract the fg from the footage. There is some flicker but there is a temporal consistency slider that can be tweaked to get a more stable output.

◾ To generate the background, I used Leonardo AI with few prompts. Nothing fancy there. The generated background was then fed into Switchlight to generate an HDRI map using DiffusionLight open-source ML model.

◾ Generated HDRI and FG(without bg) were put into the Switchlight AI Virtual Production tool to relight the FG. Generated PBR passes and brought them into Nuke to put together a base comp.

◾ Base comp was then fed back into Leonardo AI to generate some ideas and details which can be rolled back into Nuke using traditional compositing. Finally added some lens effects and final touches.

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